Wealth Management

I. Wealth Management

We help a limited number of successful individuals and families make smart decisions about their finances. Providing guidance through life’s major transitions is one of our distinctive strengths. Together we build a wealth management strategy that reflects the client’s values and address their goals and aspirations. We accomplish this by focusing on three critical components that comprise true wealth management.

IC + AP + RM = WM
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IC » Investment Counsel is the astute management of your investments over time to help you achieve your financial goals. Our counsel includes ongoing management and monitoring of your investment portfolio and your financial life so that your investment plan is always relevant and appropriate. To learn more about our investment approach, please visit the Investment Philosophy section of this site.

AP » Advanced Planning goes beyond investments to look at the other aspects that are important to your financial life:

  • Wealth Enhancement: Keeping more of the wealth you have accumulated through income-tax planning and retirement planning.
  • Wealth Protection: Protecting your wealth – and your family’s wealth – from catastrophes, creditors and litigants.
  • Wealth Transfer: Passing your assets to succeeding generations in a tax-efficient, responsible manner.
  • Charitable Planning:  Fulfilling your charitable goals; most effective when coordinated with the three services above.

RM » Relationship Management. Because no advisor can be an expert in all areas, Universal Advisory Services has built a network of experts to assist us in identifying and addressing your advanced planning needs. Our team includes estate planning attorneys, accountants and insurance experts, all of whom are devoted to identifying the planning needs that are most relevant to you and devising sophisticated techniques to address those needs.

Our Wealth Management Mission

Our mission is to work with a select group of clients for whom we can have an incredibly meaningful and beneficial impact on their financial lives. By working with clients to set their financial lives in order, we foster greater peace of mind and enable them to focus on the things that truly bring them joy in life, such as quality time with family, charitable activities and entrepreneurial opportunities.

To ensure an outstanding service and an abundant level of attention, we limit our Consultative Wealth Management practice. Because we work very closely with a limited number of clients with whom we seek meaningful relationships, we begin our Consultative Wealth Management process with a Discovery Meeting to help determine if there is a mutual interest in working together.

Our commitment to wealth management clients includes:

  • Independent advice;
  • A holistic approach to wealth management;
  • On-going access to a team of legal, accounting and insurance experts who help us address each client’s advanced planning needs;
  • A proven, consultative process that maximizes the probability of achieving each client’s most important financial goals. 

Our Wealth Management Process

For a wealth management strategy to be successful long term, it must be built on the proper foundation and assessed and reviewed regularly. The consultative process is designed to ensure success by unearthing our clients’ true financial needs and goals and building a long-range wealth management plan that meets them. The consultative process builds an ongoing relationship with our clients to ensure that their needs continue to be met as they change over time.

This chart lays out this consultative process: