Institutions, Foundations, & Endowments

UAS provides a continuum of investment and fiduciary services to institutional clients. We can start at the ground level and help clients design and implement the necessary governance structures and oversight policies to ensure they are meeting and exceeding the requirements of their fiduciary responsibility.

I. Investment Management

  • Link to Investment Philosophy
  • Risk management and reporting skills
  • Manage to Client articulated goals

II. Investment Consulting

  • Evaluation & Monitoring of individual Managers
  • Negotiating & contracting with Manager, Custodians and other service providers
  • Risk management and reporting skills

III. Fiduciary management and consulting

  • i360 certification.
  • Governance design
    • Articulation of goals
    • Establishment of board governance committees
    • Development of IPS and review/oversight policy and procedures
  • “Fiduciary Mock Audit”