About Our Firm

Universal Advisory Services is a premier, fee-only wealth management firm in the Southwest. Founded in 1985, our firm’s vision is to help successful families make smart decisions about their money to provide peace of mind about their financial future.

We do this by serving, in effect, as personal Chief Financial Officer for our clients. We use a consultative process to identify a client’s current financial situation and challenges, and then work with a team of experts to design solutions to help them achieve their most important goals. While wealth management is what we do, its component parts can be described as preserving wealth, minimizing income taxes, taking care of heirs, making sure assets are not unjustly taken, and enabling impactful charitable gifts.

In order to be able to deliver significant value and make a profound, positive impact on our clients’ lives, we limit our practice to those clients with investable assets of $500,000 or more and those who seek a close, consultative relationship with their advisor.

Our Team

Please meet our team that will do its best to serve you.

Our Services

For institutions and not-for-profits, we also provide asset management and monitoring services. We build and manage globally diversified investment portfolios using Nobel prize-winning academic research.

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