History shows that financial markets reward investors who are well diversified and invest for the long term. Yet, most investors do not enjoy these rewards. Why? The answer lies in the intersection of client emotion and stock market volatility. Fear, greed, indifference, poor discipline, and a lack of complete information are an investor's worst enemies and drive decisions, actions, and behaviors that hurt, rather than help, investment performance.

Universal Advisory Services is committed to an investment approach that is rooted in science, not speculation. We believe that:

With these beliefs at the foundation, we design a client's portfolio to accomplish one singular task—to capture the market's return while minimizing risk through prudent diversification.

Further, we maintain that one of the key responsibilities of an outstanding wealth manager is to be the emotional buffer between clients and their money. Our job is to create prudent, well diversified investment strategies appropriate for the client’s needs, and then serve as the voice of calm during periods of market extremes to enhance the likelihood that there are no emotion-driven deviations from the strategy.

Learn how we implement this philosophy in our investment process.